Eawhbe is another weegee version of Eubie, the twin brothers of Yubee and Eubee, the sisters of Auulace, Awlace,
Eawhbe v2

v2 Redrawn

Awgawlena, Lucee and Rozeeh. Eawhbe was created when Yubee fused Eubie's DNA, Weegee DNA, Eubee DNA

Original Eawhbe v1 made by deviantart user BlueVulture1

and Higgly DNA. Like Eubie, Eawhbe sleeves are invisible when his hands are inactive and poses like a normal Higglykid rather than a Weegee that Yubee and the Heeglee species pose, but when Eawhbe's hands are active, his sleeves will still remain invisible.

Eawhbe lacks an eye color and is a ruler of Hawgawleetawhn, he formed an alliance between Heegleetewn and Hiigliituwn called the Higgly Weegee Nations. He can also summon Eawhbe Clones and can fire Explosive Parrotgee Eggs from his eyes. Eawhbe is 6.2 years old and he is mainly enemies with Mia, Eubie and Yubie