Kawhp is the second weegee version of Kip. He was created when TheBlueWeegeeVulture1 fused Kep's DNA, Weegee
Kawhp v2



V1- Original picture made by BlueVulture1

DNA, Higgly DNA and Kooup's DNA. Kawhp is 5.53 years old and is best friends with Whayn and is close friends with Kep, Twawnkawl and Eawhbe.

Kawhp can fire large blue lasers from his eyes which can turn people into Green Radioactive Weegee Clones that have very effective abilities of using Weegee's abilities, if Kawhp says "Push start to Hawg. Kawhp is enemies with Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, Samaweegee, Fran, Yubie, Waene, Twinkel and Kup.