Lucee is a Heegleekid who is queen of the Heeglee Galaxy, the former sister who is now the spouse of Yubee, the sister of Rozeeh, Awgawlena, Awlace, Auulace, Eawhbe and Eubee, the niece of Aunt Marlee and Uncle Zuuta and is the Heeglee Ghost Overlord. Lucee is the same age and birthday as Yubee, lives in Heegleetewn and is given birth from Aunt Marlee. Lucee has an interest of ghosts and will mostly try and use her ghost form to scare people off if she feels she wanted to, the reason why she feels like scaring people is because Lucee was born with a hybrid of Heeglee and Ghost DNA which made her be like that.

Lucee created a spritual world of Heeglee Planet and added life forms there to inhabit the spirit world such as Heegleekid Ghosts which are subspecies of Heeglees that commonly appear in a white color/colour, but they can come in different colors/colours. Lucee usually dresses in a white fashion dress to present her ghostly appearences, but in other occasions, she will dress in different clothing.

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