Mia is a Higglykid who is originally an unamed Higglykid, but was given a name by TheWeegeeArtistMaker9800. She is best friends with


Mia modeled by Sean Dicken

Eubie due that she has a huge crush on Eubie and loves him and is close friends with Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, Juanita and Fran. Mia is 5.8 years old and lives in Eubie's Home. Mia is the archenemy of Mawya and her other enemies is Weegee, Malleo, Yubee, Rozeeh, Lucee, Awgawlena, Wrane, Spunkeeh, Wenkeeh, Twenkal, Funkeeh, Punkeeh, Kep, Mazeeh, Jawms and Frwan.

Mia depises the Powli Family and the Beeval Family and attempts to chomp them, but she fails like the other Higglykids.