Pinchgee is a Leke Hewhawl Weegee Kid who was created when Pinch's DNA, Female Weegee's DNA and

Pinchgee's V11.7 Look

BlondeDNA is fused together creating Pinchgee. Pinchgee is known to be the most egotistic Weegee of the Trolliverse, Pinchgee is 5 years old and is Jellygee's best friend. Her mother is Wandagee and her father is Waltergee. Pinchgee's youngest brothers are Scootchgee, Scootchmee and Scootchalleo.

Pinchgee can use the Pinchgee Stare which transforms people into Pinchgee Clones or a bow/doll/a pair of boots. Pinchgee's close friends are Peanutgee, Buttergee, Jellyalleo, Munchygee, Ostiegee, Boostiegee and Boostiealleo.

Pincheegee's Boots

Pinchgee's Boots