Playhouse Disngee is the leader of the Playhouse Disngee Galaxy, Playhouse Disngee Legion, the brother of Playhouse Disnalleo and Playhouse Disnmee and is Mickeygee and Weegee's close friends. He is not a Fakegee, he is just a normal Weegee.
Playhouse Disngee

Concept Playhouse Disngee

Story (Work in Progress)

The story started in a Playhouse Disney Factory on 1675 when a Steve from Minecraft disguised himself as a Billy Bevel clone to access the factory to steal some DNA, but when his disguise got caught in a machine, the alarm went off making the Steve clone get chased by various Playhouse Disney Characters who are trying to throw him out of the factory. He evaded the chase and hurried to the DNA room and stolen a bottle of Modern Playhouse Disney Logo DNA. He was then chased again by the Playhouse Disney Characters and hurried out of the factory and used a Minecraft Overworld Portal to escape, though the Playhouse Disney characters still purused him.

In the Overworld, the Steve (now known as theplayhousedisneyminecraftfan) was still chased by the Playhouse Disney characters, it lasted for 7 hours until he hid in a NPC Village to take cover from the Playhouse Disney Nations and built a wall around the NPC Village so that the Playhouse Disney Characters wouldn't siege the village.