Twawnkawl is another weegee version of Twinkle, president of Hawgawleetawhn and the sister of Twenkal, Whayn

Twawnkawl v2

Twawnkawl v2 - Redrawn

and Wrane. She was created when TheBlueWeegeeVulture1 fused Twinkal's DNA, Higgly DNA, Twonkol's DNA and Weegee DNA. She is 5.98 years old and is best friends with Eawhbe and close friends with Kawhp. Twawnkawl can shoot blue/pink lasers from her hands and eyes which inflicts major damage to enemies, she can also use her Twawnkawl Stare to make people feel numb and not feel anything. Twawnkawl is enemies with Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, Fran, Yubie, Waene, Twinkel and Kup. Twawnkawl joined the Heegleetewn Army to help Weegee's allies.   


Twawnkawl v1 - Made by BlueVulture1