"Maybe we need some Fakegees special".

Yubee is the ruler of Heegleetewn, the husband of Lucee, the grandson of Grwandpewp Krawng, the brother of
Higglytown heroes yubee weegee version of eubie by theweegeeartistmaker-d9xszr4
Awgawlena, Auulace, Awlace, Rozeeh and Mawya, the nephew of Aunt Marlee (who gave birth to him) and Uncle Zuuta, the cousin of Jawuux and Kazeeh, the twin brothers of Eawhbe and Eubee and he is 5 years old. Yubee was born in March 18th 1677 during the beginning of spring.

Yubee lives in the north-western section of Heegleetewn as well as the Yubee Territory (where there is more Yubees living there). Yubee works for Ms. Ferwheen who is the military teacher of Heegleetewn's military headquarters called the Heegleetewn Security. Yubee is friends with Wrane, Twenkal, Kep, Mazeeh, Jeeawneta (formerly Spunkeeh), Winkeeh, Punkeeh, Funkeeh, Mickeeh, Muckeeh, Muukeeh, Makeeh and Frwan. He joined the Playhouse Disngee Legion to help Weegee, Mickeegee and Playhouse Disngee's allies in 1692.


Yubee is a weegee who has an interest with Heeglee Bawrds and is satisified to use birds for his bird army to help him defeat opposing organizations.


  • "Push START to Heeglee Bawrd": When he says "Push START to Heeglee Bawrd", the victim he said to the victim will become a Heeglee Bawrd.
  • "Fire Feather": He can shoot fire feathers which can burn people instantly/become a Yubee Clone.
  • Yubee Stare: An alternate to the Fire Feather ability, but is similar to the Weegee Stare and can transform people into Yubee Clones within 2-5 seconds.


  • 1677 - Yubee was born to Aunt Marlee.
  • 1679 - Yubee becomes friends with Wrane, Twenkal, Kep as well as their family members who are kids.
  • 1681 - Yubee joins the Heegleetewn Security school militia after Yubee and his other friends and relations who are kids met Ms. Ferwheen.
  • 1683 - Yubee's age freezes due to the Disngee Galaxy's Age Freeze event triggered.
  • 1690 - Yubee meets Owli.
  • 1692 - Yubee joins the Playhouse Disngee Legion.
  • 2008 - Yubee met his Non-Weegee counterparts and he knew they hated him so he started a war called the Playhouse Disney War.